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Welcome to the Loxahatchee Food Co-Op, a community-owned cooperative and grocery store located in sunny south Florida, surrounded by pristine everglades and beautiful farmlands.

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Welcome to Loxahatchee Coop, your dedicated source of fresh, wholesome ingredients and foods. Our mission is to provide our community with the highest quality products, free from preservatives and hormones. We believe in the power of natural, organic farming and partner with local farmers who share our commitment to sustainability and health.

At Loxahatchee Coop, you'll find a wide range of fresh produce, dairy, meats, and pantry staples, all carefully selected to ensure they meet our strict standards for purity and nutrition. We strive to support your journey towards a healthier lifestyle by offering foods as close to nature as possible.

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Loxahatchee Co-Op

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Become a member for as little as $25 a year. You will then have access to shop at out local store, get a "Food Insurance Policy" for you or your family, or order weekly off our online menu of our dairy, poultry, meats, fish, grains, produce and other organic food items and products.



Once you are a member you can Log into our website to place your orders to be picked up locally at farmers markets we vend at or our store.


Pick Up

Once you have placed your order and paid for it, you can come pick it up at the Loxahatchee Co-op store or get it in person at one of the farmers markets we vend at.

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Join the Loxahatchee Food Co-op and come shop at our members only store and save!

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Food Security

If you are concerned about the future of our country's food and would like to secure real organic food for you and or your family, a food insurance policy is for you.

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