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Our Blue Photon Activator is 600mg of one of the oldest, most studied and safest supplements in the world, going back over 150 years called Methylene Blue. MB is the named molecule discovered in the Wild Indigo plant which is highly poisonous so it was synthesized into a salt over 150 years ago. MB was first used in the mid 1800's to treat malaria, also used effectively as an antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial agent back in the late 1940's. In the mid-20th century, MB was discovered to have antipsychotic and mood-enhancing properties. Recently, there has been significant interest in MB because of several studies showing how it improves learning, memory and is a neuro protective. Don't be fooled with MB from other sources like Amazon, most MB comes from China and India which are filled with arsenic and other heavy metals. For full details, studies and video on MB click here.

Blue Photon Activator (Methylene Blue)

  • A 1 liter bottle contains just over 33 x 1 ounce bottles of MB. 1 liter bottles come with 1 empty 1 ounce bottle, 1 x funnel and1 x dropper for filling.

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