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This limited edition of NON-GMO all Organic honey comb cake is like nothing you have ever had before. This honeycomb cake is over 3 lbs of pure mountain fresh honey. We source this amazing honeycomb cake from Turkey. Turkey has a total ban on Monsanto, Herbicides and Pesticides in the whole country, this is considered one of the healthiest, sweetest and flavorful honeys in the world!  The wax part of the honeycomb contains the royal jelly and many polyphenols, so don't spit it out, it is meant to be eaten and will not spike sugar levels if you consume the honey together with the comb.This is by far the best honey we have ever had and rated one of the top honey's in the world for its purity. This honeycomb cake can be used in teas, cooking, or you can just eat it straight as a desert. You will not find a more quality honey out there, we guarantee it!


Please Note: This item is a limited edition, once we are sold out we may not get this item back in stock.

Flower Honey Comb in Wood Case (limited edition)

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