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Loxahatchee Co-Op PMA Lifetime Membership Benefits


By becoming a loxahatchee Food Co-op Lifetime member you are ensuring access to good clean food for you and your family. At some point we will only be selling our products and organic food to our members only and not to the public. Secure a lifetime membership today before they are gone!


Know Your Source!


We make sure at Loxahatchee Co-Op that we know exactly who the people are raising the food, growing the food and making the food. We try to visit each farmer and see first hand their operations for cleanliness and ethicatacy.



We will be offering bi-weekly workshops at the Loxahatchee Co-Op like how to sprout, how to grow microgreens, eating the right foods to stay healthy, how to clean and maintain your firearms and more to come!


No Vaccines, Antibiotics, Hormones' or GMO's.

All of the food we source we make sure has no GMO's, the animals have no vaccines, no hormones' and antibiotics given. We make sure all animals are well kept on their farms and are treated well and are fed good clean feed and grass.


Private Member Association

The Loxahatchee Food Co-Op is a Private Membership Association (“PMA”) of men and women collectively asserting and standing upon their rights to determine what food products, practices, and services will be used to maintain the health of their own body, mind or spirit.


Great Food, Great Prices!

At the Loxahatchee Food Co-Op we strive to make sure our prices are low, and stay low. As good food becomes more scarce and stores continue to go up in price with inflation, we will continue to keep our prices low by being direct with our farmers.


Organic Products & Supplements

Not only do we offer the best 100% Organic food and 100% Grass Fed products but we also carry a full line of health supplements and other Organic products to keep you and your family healthy and balanced.

Loxahatchee Food Co-op Lifetime Membership

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