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These Gold Notes are what you want when SHTF and you need to trade silver or gold for eggs or other small items. You dont want to trade someone an ounce of gold when you can trade them just 1000 of a troy ounce.  Be smart and stack these at home while supplies last.


The creation of the these  gold notes was inspired by the passing of the Utah Legal Tender Act. This provided the adoption of gold and silver as legal tender in the state of Utah and several other states. This led to the creation of the smallest form of usable gold on the market, the Gold Note. This unique note with just 1/1000th Troy oz of actual gold content is now available at QUANTUM Collective in a bundle of 100 gold notes.


Note Highlights:

  • Available in a bundle of 100!
  • Unique design for the Gold notes!
  • Each bundle of 100 contains 1/10th Troy oz of actual gold content.
  • Obverse features a depiction of Prudence.
  • Reverse showcases a mirrored image of the obverse.


Currency Highlights:

  • Contains 1/1000 oz (0.001 oz) of .999 fine Gold.
  • Country:  USA
    Metal:Gold 0.001 troy oz
    Weight:0.001 troy oz
    Size:146.26 x 63.66 mm
    Finish:Gold Note

The QUANTUM 24kt Cash Gold Notes (100 Pack)

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