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These Silver 1 gram bars are what you want when SHTF and you need to trade silver or gold for eggs or other small items. You dont want to trade someone an ounce of silver when you can trade them just 1 gram!  Be smart and stack these at home while supplies last.


A unique way to hold silver that easily separates into 100 mini-bars that each weigh exactly 1 gram. The 100 gram silver barterbar is the world's first divisible silver bar and contains 3.215 ounces of .999 fine silver.

The patented minting process allows each 1 gram segment to be separated cleanly along pre-scored lines with your fingers, leaving no sharp edges. Each 1 gram segment of 999% fine silver is struck with the weight, purity, and the assay mark, making them easy to exchange.

The QUANTUM Bartering Breakaway 100 grams of .999 fine Silver Bars

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