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Colloidal Gold - is shown to prevent cognitive defects and reverse brain damage in Alzheimer’s Disease patients. Colloidal gold was observed to prevent neuroinflammation and oxidative stress. Moreover, gold nanoparticles prevented deficits in both spatial and recognition memory. These results suggest that colloidal gold may be considered as a potential treatment for dementia.


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The long-term colloidal gold treatment prevented the neuroinflammation, modulation of mitochondrial function, and impaired cognition induced by Alzheimer’s Disease. Read the full article here:


Gold is present in everything from pacemakers and insulin pumps to pregnancy-testing kits and cancer treatments. “Gold has a long history of medical uses,” says Dr Richard Holliday, head of industrial applications at the World Gold Council. “In ancient China, doctors added gold flake to drinks for its reputed health benefits, and it is still widely used in some aspects of Indian Ayurvedic medicine.”


The Nanomaterials Journal from Basel, Switzerland describes how gold nanoparticles (colloidal gold) show antibacterial and antifungal properties. Gold nanoparticles are used in cosmetic products such as deodorants and anti-ageing creams.


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Colloidal Gold

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