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In this remineralization bundle you get our top 5 products all in one package!


Sea Moss - Over the last year sea moss has become very popular & please believe it’s not just hype!


Did you know that sea moss contains 92 out of the 102 minerals and vitamins that the human body consist of? These minerals include zinc, iodine, iron, calcium, potassium, B-complex vitamins, sodium, sulfur, silicon, and iron.


Incorporating sea moss into your diet can assist your mental/emotional health, support your immune system, and aid in weight loss.


As mentioned above sea moss is packed with potassium- and our bodies can’t function without it. If you have a potassium deficiency you may experience muscle weakness/cramps, fatigue, constipation, abnormal heart beats, and many more unpleasant conditions. BUT on the plus side by regularly adding sea moss into your diet you can alleviate many of these problems.


Our Jamaican sea moss is an excellent source of a RANGE of B vitamins. These vitamins are known for supporting the nervous system & reducing stress. So, if you are one to experience depression, anxiety, moodiness, or agitation, we definitely recommend trying it.


Our favorite benefit of Jamaican sea moss is the immune support that it provides!

Because it’s rich in amino acids, vitamin C, and antioxidants, it provides our bodies with year around immunity. Its’ compounds are natural antiviral agents & helps rid the body of infections & illness. Sea moss even prevents cold & flu symptoms – and can aid with sore throat, chest coughs, and pneumonia.


The iodine in Jamaican sea moss boost your metabolism and raises energy levels. It also helps curve your appetite and helps you rid your body of waste at a speedy rate. This is how sea moss is affects weight loss.


Colloidal Gold - is shown to prevent cognitive defects and reverse brain damage in Alzheimer’s Disease patients.Colloidal gold was observed to prevent neuroinflammation and oxidative stress. Moreover, gold nanoparticles prevented deficits in both spatial and recognition memory. These results suggest that colloidal gold may be considered as a potential treatment for dementia.


The long-term colloidal gold treatment prevented the neuroinflammation, modulation of mitochondrial function, and impaired cognition induced by Alzheimer’s Disease.


Gold is present in everything from pacemakers and insulin pumps to pregnancy-testing kits and cancer treatments. “Gold has a long history of medical uses,” says Dr Richard Holliday, head of industrial applications at the World Gold Council. “In ancient China, doctors added gold flake to drinks for its reputed health benefits, and it is still widely used in some aspects of Indian Ayurvedic medicine.”


Colloidal Copper - Copper is the third most abundant essential trace element after iron and zinc. Present in different organs of our body, with greater quantities in the liver and brain. It can be found in some foods including, shellfish, oysters, and legumes.


Its presence in the body facilitates the absorption of iron. It is necessary to increase the formation of cross-links between collagen and elastin.


Colloidal copper is a useful element for strengthening bones, nails and hair.
Among other things, it raises the immune system and also promotes a moderate antibacterial action.
 It also plays an important positive role on the nervous system and brain activity.


In summary, the integration of colloidal copper is particularly useful in the case of:


Bone demineralization
Hypercholesterolemia – neurological disorders
Reduced efficiency of the immune system
Weakness and hair loss
Difficulty of wounds to heal (scarring)


Colloidal silver - is a solution of tiny silver particles suspended in a liquid base. It's marketed as a remedy for a range of health problems. Silver, slightly different from colloidal silver at the molecular level, has been used in medicine for centuries.


The following 8 proven ways to use silver have become a major point of interest for our patients.

Not only is colloidal silver super effective at eliminating bacterial infection, but it is also equally effective at resisting strains of bacteria and it does not cause any further mutations- which is great news for its long term uses as an antibiotic treatment.

Wound care/skin health. 

Pink eye/Ear infections. 

Colloidal silver benefits can be experienced as an anti-viral for HIV/AIDS. Pneumonia, herpes, shingles and warts. The benefit is that colloidal silver works so rapidly.




colloidal silver succeeds when antibiotics 


Fulvic Minerals - Formed over a long period of time through the breakdown of nutrient-rich plant matter, fulvic acid contains complex organic substances that cannot be replicated in a lab.

Research shows that fulvic acid contains a complex mix of nutrients including amino acids, minerals, nucleic acids, vitamins, and phytochemical compounds. Most of these nutrients are in ionic form which increases their bioavailability.


While food companies try to counteract this shortfall by “enriching” the food, they use synthetic vitamins, which don’t deliver the same benefits as organic plant-based nutrients.


That’s why it’s not surprising that studies show 90 percent of people are deficient in one or more minerals that are essential for good health. For the same reason, we’re simply not getting much fulvic acid from our food today.


1. Supports Gut Health

2. Strengthens Immune Function

3. Boosts Nutrient Absorption

4. Optimizes Cellular Function

5. Improves Energy Levels
6. Supports Brain Health

7. Fights Free Radicals

8. Supports Detoxification


Remineralization Bundle

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